Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011


Exercise 33
8. A : Are you taking Chemistry 101 this semester?
B : No,I (take,already) have already taken it.I (take) took it last semester.This semester I’m in 102.
9. A : Hi Judy.Welcome to the party.(Meet,you,ever) have you ever met my cousin?
B : No,I have not met your cousin.
10. A : Do you like lobster?
B : I don’t know.I (eat,never) have never eaten it.
11. A : Do you do much traveling?
B : Yes I like to travel.
A : What countries (visit,you) did you visited?
B : Well I (be) was in India,Turkey,Afghanistan and Nepal,among others.
A : I (be,never) have never been in any of those countries.When (be,you) have you been in India?
B : Two years ago.I (visit,also) have also visited many of the countries in Central America.I (take) have taken a tour of Central America about six years ago.
A : Which countries (visit,you) have you visited?
B : Guatemala,El Salvador,Honduras and Nicaragua
A : I (want,always) always want to travel to other countries but I (have,not) have not has the opportunity to travel extensively.I (go) went to England six years ago but I (go,not) have not gone anywhere since then.

1.It(snow) has been snowing all day. I wonder when it will stop.
2. We(have) have been having three major snowstorms so far his winer. I wonder how many more will have.
3. it,s ten P.M. I(study) have been studying for two hours and probably won’t finish until midnight.
4. I (write) have been writing them three times, but I still haven’t received reply.
5. I (live)have been living here since last March.
6. The telephone (ring) has rung four times in the last hour and each time it has been for my roommate
7.The telephone (ring) had been ringing for almost a minute.Why doesn’t someone answer it?
8.The little boy is dirty from head to foor because he (play) has played in the mud.

Exercise 36
1. A : (be,you) have you been able to reach Bob on the phone yet?
B : Not yet,I (try) have been trying for the last twenty minutes but the line (be) has been busy.
2. A : Hi,jenny.I (see,not) have not seen you for weeks.What (do,you) have you done lately?
B : Studying.
3. A : What are you going to order for dinner?
B : Well.I (have,never) haven’t had pizza,so I think I’ll order that.
4. A : What’s the matter?your eyes are red and puffy.(Cry,you) have you been crying?
B : No,I just finished peeling some onions.
5. A : Dr.Jones is a good teacher.How long (be,he) has he at the university?
B : He (teach) has been teaching here for twenty-five years.

Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

jalan pikiranku....

entah q tak teu ap yg ad diotak kiriq, aq aneh, cara berpikirq yg ortodok atau emang terlalu modern?
ketika semua orang mengatakan A, aq dg smw alasan konyolq berkata dg lantang dan penuh keyakinan kalo itu B, yeah tentu alasan itu membuatku dianggp aneh dan gila,.

ini hanxa coba2?